Digital Music Production—Ableton Workshop
with KASIMYN (Gabber Modus Operandi)

Tuesday, 14 December 2021
Jl. Dukuh Indah, Umalas

IDR 250.000 / Person
Limited to 6 Participants

Basic Ableton Production Workshop
+Tuning Workshop

Coffee Break
1 RAVEPASAR 2021 Tickets

Participants Requirements:
– Laptop, MacOS or Windows
– Headphone, (preferably studio headphones)
– Ableton Live 9 software or later
– A Basic Understanding of Music is desirable, but not necessary
– Basic Music Production Skills are desirable, but not necessary

What you’ll learn
– Setup and Navigate Around Ableton Live
– Learn how to Record MIDI
– Learn to Record Audio
– Learn how Edit MIDI in the MIDI Note Editor
– Learn how to Warp and Edit Audio
– Learn how to Work Quickly and Efficiently in Ableton
– Improve your general Music Production skills
– Understand the main Audio and MIDI Effects in Ableton
– Setup Microtonal Tuning in Ableton with Surge VST



Kasimyn is a mess and nice idea how Ghetto North Jakarta mix with Sleeky Riau vibe to other and lesser known charm of Bali where he based now.

Fact magazine cite him as “Stylistically a Mayhem of Anti-Aesthetic Fun” his full beater mix contribute on Boiler Room, Residents Advisor, Fact, Crack Magazine, NTS and RinseFM. As a DJ he Travelling and sharing decks with forward thinking Selector like Tzusing, DJ Marcelle and Apparat to name a few.

But its actually his production on Gabber Modus Operandi with Ican Harem that made things unreal to chew for Tanjung Priok borned.

Their 1st Release on Yesnowave claws a fresh alternative direction for Indonesia dance scene, then the latest HOXXXYA on Shanghai futurist SVBKVLT was the real bomb : where support like Bill Kouligas (PAN), Eomac, Arca, Badsita, and Bjork happened.

RA give his production Trance Adiluhunxxx as one of 100 best song of 2019 , Fact 10 album of the year and Boomkat picked them as one of favorite release in 2019 with their special vinyl exclusive.

Popping on from Nusasonic (Jogja) to CTM Berlin, Dark Mofo Hobart, Soft Centre Sidney, Unsound Krakow to the furthest Nyege-Nyege Festival in Uganda where they did their Boiler Room became a task between localized underground safezone Berghain (Berlin) like All Club(Shanghai), Oil Club (Shenzen), Final (Taipei), WWW (Tokyo), Trauma Bar & Berghain (Berlin), Beursschouwburg (Brussels) to ZDB (Lisbon).

Beyond YESNOWAVE and SVBKVLT, his music production spawning outside by collaborating with Elvin Brandhi, Nkisi, Lyra Pramuk and Duma to name a few. And releasing music throughout Nyege-Nyege Tapes, C.A.N.V.A.S, SFX and Danse Noire.

After smashing Hardcore onto Pelog & Slendro the pentatonic old scales of Java in the last 2 release, With GMO he further doing future research collaboration with NKISI for No Bound Festival and his personal Residency project with Transmediale Berlin : JOGET-X to make a speculative archive for alternate Indonesia dance history (if chromatic and colonization doesn’t replace the musical system) and joining force with Nusasonic for Common Tonalities, a collaborative project to unleash the S.E.A tuning systems with its fellow artist.

Now also busy developing his own record Label GORONG-GORONG to further extend the idea by releasing Electronic Gamelan meta music from Kadapat, some obscure force from Negare x Karangasem to offer new contemporary argument for dance music in Indonesia.

Holding local duty as one of the Co-Founder of Banjar Campout, a family oriented nature seeker Rave Camping for celebrating local talent in Bali and also founder of Rekam Jejak, the small collective that presents the fresh, furthest idea of Indonesia contemporary music that hosted singular act like Senyawa and Filastine. He keep himself busy as selector Kasimyn, Gabber Modus Operandi or other alias like Hulubalang or Sing Liyane.

He never have a fix style except to having fun and somehow believe there a connecting dot between the most contemporary sound to the most primal traditional form of sound without boring and rigid tag like east, west or world music than can i dance to it (?) or can i go crazy with it (?) in his head.