RAVEPASAR is an independently organized counter-art festival, materialized through the collaborative efforts of local communities and collectives. Merging music, visual arts, performance, fashion, and literature, RAVEPASAR offers an immersive audio-visual experience posing the question of what Indonesian Art is independent of a Western Aesthetic Influence. 

The covid pandemic, which has ravaged the local economy and profoundly scared the local communities, has also provoked a remarkable shift in the Balinese art scene. Where before the pandemic the art scene was primarily reliant on international artists, the closed borders put Balinese and Indonesian artists in the front and center of the local art scene. 

RAVEPASAR is emerging as a counter-movement to bigger art organizations by for example providing exhibition spaces for local creative practitioners to alternatively present their artworks, which are often undervalued in the context of the fast-developing internationally dominated art scene of Bali. RAVEPASAR, As the the face of the contemporary art scene in Denpasar today, aims to tighten and strengthen the network of independent practitioners and to invest its attention and resources into local spaces and artists to create an autonomously organized alternative parallel scene.