RAVEPASAR is an independent-based festival that is initiated collaboratively by many creative collectives and communities that are consisting in the field of music, arts, fashion, and literature. The idea of Ravepasar was based upon the contemporary art progressivism in Indonesia that happens to intertwined with the culture of club music. The background was also concerned about the incommodious space for local artists and the other local creative practitioners to present their alternative executed artworks, which is considered not suitable for the fast emergence of Bali’s tourism industry by the commercial demand.

The very first festival held on January 10th 2020 at a warehouse around Seseh Beach, Bali. The event begun with discussion programs, workshops, followed with performing art, live music concert, and DJs with the total amount of 20 collaborating artists from various cities in Indonesia for 12 hours. Will be combined and collaborated with artists from diverse creative field in order to reflect time—to exhibit the artwork that is interrelated with today’s era.

RAVEPASAR aims to tighten and to strengthen the network capital that the independent practitioners already have and to give critical attention towards local contexts, to create another platform filled with alternative activities that is organized autonomously. Also as a form of documentation and archiving towards the progressive art activities that happens in Bali. This festival offers an audio-visual experience for the audience to feel through the art performances itself along with massive installations and lighting design from the beginning of the event to the end of it as the form of presentation work for the upcoming Ravepasar festival.

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